Rihanna Goes Back To Black Hair, With Side Shaves. Love it or Kick it?

Rihanna is definitely a chameleon when it comes to her hair and overall fashion. We've being treated to the very many changes of Riri's hair styles, from the pretty brown long waves, to the fierce golden-brown bob, then the uber-chic jet-black bob, and the edgy short boy-cut, then various versions of the boy-cut, fast-forward to the gasp-eliciting RED mane,...and after months of blond weaves and wigs, she goes back to jet-black locks, but as she explained via Twitter,  even though she misses her dark hair, she is not yet ready to let go of her lengths. solution? she shaved the sides of her head (a la Cassie, no?)

Me, i like her on black hair the best, her skin and face glows better, but this particular hairstyle is not my favorite, because i think that it's a step back for her. What do you guys thinks?
Here are some photos of Rihanna with black hair-

*sigh*  @ Rihanna and her bad-girl-ness...