Make-up: my everyday face

Hi everyone. First of all, let me say this, i love make-up, but there are some factors that come into consideration when i buy and use make-up.
 For one, i'm not a rich woman, yet *smile*, so i'm a little financially limited in my purchases of make-up, and i don't own my own car, and i'm a sales woman by day, so i have to deal with the sun and public transportation (grimaces). Secondly, here in Nigeria, our weather is quite very hot, so we have to apply the make-up with a light hand. But be that as it may, a girl's gotta try, right? so here's my 'everyday face'. This is my first try 'broadcasting' my looks, so please bear with the rookie *smile*
In make-up, like with any good house, the foundation has to be correct, so i use-
1. A little foundation (Sleek New Skin Revive foundation)

2. Concealer for discolourations (Sleek)
3. Loose oil-blocking powder (Black Opal)
4. Black opal Mineral brilliance eye shadow mosaic (Gold Galaxy)
5. Black liquid eye liner (Sleek)
6. medium brown eyebrow pencil (random)
7. coloured gloss (cover girl)
Before and After (very brave putting up my 'before' picture..lol)


Anonymous said...

What shade of sleek foundation are you?