Homemade Beauty- Hair

Like a lot of females, i have some issues with my hair. Like a lot of females, i wish i had long, lustrous, shiny, healthy, never-breaking hair and never-itchy never-flaky scalp, but you see, this is not the case.
As i am Nigerian, with very African hair, living under our somewhat harsh weather, with a limited wallet, i'm the first one to jump at effective home-made remedies. 
I am usually open to trying some of the things i read about (i am a little of a doubting Thomas, so u see, i gotta see for myself), as long as they are within reason *i ain't drinking any urine to get slimmer...puleez*. The key here is to work with ingredients that are very common, and one has to use them frequently to achieve results. 
Today's issue is-
DANDRUFF- This is a pretty common scalp condition that is usually marked by whitish/gray-ish flakes of dead skin cells on the scalp, and itching. This can be quite embarrassing and annoying, but can be easily controlled. Depending on whether the cause of the dandruff is from excess oil build-up on the scalp, or excess dryness, one of these remedies MAY work for you. 
Ginger Treatment
Ingredients; Ginger root, 1 teaspoon of sesame oil, 1 teaspoon of lemon juice, 3 table spoons of vinegar.
   Squeeze/grate ginger to get about 1 tablespoon of juice
   Mix all ingredients thoroughly
   Apply to scalp and massage
   Repeat twice to trice a week for best results.
Aloe Vera treatment
Ingredients; Aloe Vera gel
    Apply Aloe Vera gel generously  to the scalp
    Leave for about 15minutes prior to shampooing.
Dried Thyme treatment 
Ingredients; dried thyme
     Boil about 7/8 tablespoons of dried thyme in 2 cups of water, for 10 minutes
     Strain water and cool
     Pour sufficient amount over clean damp hair
     Massage into scalp, and leave to dry

Well, that's some of the home remedies for dandruff. They are, of course, to be supported with appropriate anti-dandruff shampoos you can find. Feel free to send in any other remedies that has worked for you.
Disclaimer: these are remedies that have been working reasonably well for ME. if you get any skin irritations or dissatisfaction over use, please discontinue.